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    Michał Pasieczny
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    Agnieszka Rodak
    Chairman of the Board
    Rumia Invest Park Ltd.
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    Jarosław Podsiadło
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    for Investor Services
    mobile: +48 519 390 542

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  • Sobieskiego Residential and Service Centre

    Basic information

    Name of the project: Sobieskiego Residential and Service Centre
    Total area: 2,6 ha
    Lease area: 2,1 ha
    Owner: Rumia Municipality
    Type: multi - family and commercial housing
    Built-up area: ground floor 60%, for the remaining part - 40%
    Building height max: 50 m


    Electricity: low voltage network; in the plot
    Gas: in the plot
    Water supply: in the plot
    Sewage network: in the plot
    Rainwater drainage: in the plot

    Proposed functionality

    This is a project with the VIP and premium standard. It would cover multi-family housing development combined with service development.

    These areas are located by the national road No. 6 (Sobieskiego street), which is a connection of the Tri-City Agglomeration with Szczecin and the western border of Poland.

    Additional information

    Key determinants of site attractiveness

    The area is located at the national road No. 6, 300 meters from the railway station Rumia. In addition, Rumia Shopping Mall is located in the nearest neighborhood, about 30 meters away.


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