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    Michał Pasieczny
    Mayor of the City of Rumia
    tel. +48 (58) 679-65-00

    Agnieszka Rodak
    Chairman of the Board
    Rumia Invest Park Ltd.
    mobile: +48 883 084 230

    Jarosław Podsiadło
    Mayor Representative
    for Investor Services
    mobile: +48 519 390 542

  • Rumia Invest Park sp. z o.o.Ul. Dębogórska 148
    84-230 Rumia
    Prezes Zarządu: Agnieszka Rodak

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  • Rumia Industrial Park

    Basic information

    Name of the project: Rumia Industrial Park
    Total area: 82 ha
    Owner: Rumia Invest Park, Rumia Municipality, private owners
    Zone no. I: industrial and service areas
    Building area: max: 80%
    Height of Buildings: no height limit
    Bilogically clean surface: 5%
    Area: flat area, the difference in levels 1,83 m


    Electricity: voltage 15 KV, available at any power
    Gas: pipe diameter 180 mm, available for every volume needed
    Water supply: available volume 500 m3/h
    Sewage network: available volume 500 m3/h
    IT network: in the zone

    Proposed functionality

    An undoubted advantage of the zone is its proximity not only to the sea port but also to the railway siding enabling the transport of large-size goods with undefined shapes. Currently, works are being carried out on the creation of a road network in this area, enabling smooth flow of goods, services and population and their complete utilities . The method of their preparation gives opportunities for the development and establishment of enterprises from the SME sector as well as large factories or logistic companies. Both the size and the location of the indicated areas make the possibility to create the elements of the intermodal terminal for the Port of Gdynia.

    Additional information

    Key determinants of site attractiveness

    The great asset of Rumia Industrial Park is not only its location but the fact that it is an undeveloped, flat area. The difference in levels is 1.83 m. In addition, there is a sewage treatment plant near the Park.


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