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    Michał Pasieczny
    Mayor of the City of Rumia
    tel. +48 (58) 679-65-00

    Agnieszka Rodak
    Chairman of the Board
    Rumia Invest Park Ltd.
    mobile: +48 883 084 230

    Jarosław Podsiadło
    Mayor Representative
    for Investor Services
    mobile: +48 519 390 542

  • Rumia Invest Park sp. z o.o.Ul. Dębogórska 148
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  • Rumia Active City

    Basic information

    Name of the project: Rumia Active City
    Total area: 11 ha
    Owner: Gmina Rumia
    Type: budynki mieszkalne i usługowe
    Plots Nr 24/9, 24/10, 24/12, 24/13: single-family housing and service area
    Plot Nr 24/14: greenery area, sport and recreation area
    Plot Nr 36/5: the area of public services, sports and recreation services, organized greenery


    Electricity: low voltage network at the border of the area
    Gas: at the border of the area
    Water supply: at the border of the area
    Sewage network: at the border of the area
    Rainwater drainage: at the border of the area

    Proposed functionality

    According to the urban development concept of the city, this region will be one of the largest human centers of Rumia. Taking into account the comfort of life of future residents, there are also green and recreational areas provided, which is why they find their place both in the current and newly designed development plan.

    Additional information

    Key determinants of site attractiveness

    • There is a possibility to connect to the central heating network.
    • Auchan Shopping Center is located 450 m from the border of the area.
    • Currently, the change of the local spatial development plan is being carried out.


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