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  • Blueberry housing zone

    Basic information

    Name of the project: Blueberry housing zone
    Total area: 3,8268 ha
    Type: twin buildings and terraced houses
    The minimum plot area:
    - Semi-detached buildings: 350 m2
    - Terraced houses: 200 m2
    Biologicaly active surface: min. 35%
    Percentage of buildings:
    - Semi-detached buildings: till 30%
    - Terraced houses: till 45%
    Building intensity: Semi-detached buildings: <0,9


    Electricity: low voltage network; near the border of the area (Morelowa, Wiązowa street)
    Gas: pipe diameter: 63 mm; near the border of the area (Morelowa, Wiązowa street)
    Water supply: near the border of the area
    Sewage network: near the border of the area
    Rainwater drainage: Kd 200; near the border of the area (Morelowa, Wiązowa street)

    Proposed functionality

    The project includes the extension of the already existing district of single-family houses, terraced houses and semi-detached houses. These properties are located in a quiet, intimate and expanding district, in which the city has also designated areas for recreation.

    Additional information

    Key determinants of site attractiveness

    Proximity to the public facilities:

    • Świętopełka street, Primary School 1,
    • Kościelna street, Kindergarten „Bajka”,
    • Topolowa street – playground.


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  • Contact

    Michał Pasieczny
    Mayor of the City of Rumia
    tel. +48 (58) 679-65-00

    Agnieszka Rodak
    Chairman of the Board
    Rumia Invest Park Ltd.
    mobile: +48 883 084 230

    Jarosław Podsiadło
    Mayor Representative
    for Investor Services
    mobile: +48 519 390 542

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